Architect & urban planner, Carlos Correia was born in 1972 in Luxembourg.

CCA s.a. architecture and urban planning was created in January 2010 in Luxembourg, after having shared various experiences within several agencies in Luxembourg for 16 years, (CBA Architects, Metaform atelier d’architecture (co-founder), Claude Vasconi & Jean Petit Architects and finaly Assar Architects). Many experiences and influences acquired trough travelling, descovering, working in the career and development of  CCA s.a.

CCA is interested in all types of project scale. From the renovation to the extension of individual houses, to residential buildings, including industrial and tertiary buildings, the changes of scales and programs allow us to bring diversity and eclecticism to the architectural production of our agency. From the most improbable to the most obvious building or from the most modest to the most luxurious, CCA responds to orders with varying degrees of requirements and quality.

Aesthetics of the essential, economy of means, simplicity of forms, search for transparency and light are the parameters that characterize the constructions carried out by the agency. Each project and each client being unique, it is with great rigor and an à la carte service that the agency tries to respond to the many challenges posed by its clients.

CCA has composed its team in a state of mind combining diversity, originality, modesty, elegance and know-how. The team made up of 2 architects, 1 engineer-architect, 1 interior designer, 1 draftsman, 1 interior designer trainee and 1 administrative assistant is the engine of its existence.

Team composed by: 

Carlos Correia _ Architect - Urban Planner
Melissa Correia _ Administrative Assitant
Dany Costa Carvalho _ Draftman
Daniela Lança _ Interior Designer
Anne Seredynski _ Engineer-Architect

Very soon .........May be You ?

Spoken languages: French _ Luxemburgish _ German _ English _ Portuguese


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